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September 20, 2017
By empets GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
empets GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I was from time spread thin like butter,

from “Hurry up!”, “Get your butt out of bed!”, “You’re gonna be late!”
I am now from the fear of growing up, time ticking fast…

I was from bunkbeds with my brother,
from my sister moving out and getting our own rooms.
I am now from an empty space filled with faded memories and vintage Polaroid pictures…

I was from learning how to ski up north in the winter,
from the breeze kissing the tip of my nose.
I am now from speeding down the monstrous slopes…

I was from my dad teaching me how to ride a bike,
from scraped up knees and training wheels.
I am now from bike rides down the bug line…

I was from a dissociated family of halves,
from spending precious moments with them.
I am now from loving them endlessly…

I was from bedtime stories,
from my parents reading books as I fade asleep.
I am now from fantasy and adventure (the wizarding world) …

I was from sleepovers with my grandma,
from fluffy blankets snuggling around me.
I am now from visits to her cozy house…

I was from the fear of growing up, time ticking fast,
from “What are your college plans?”, “Any idea on your major?”, “You’re so grown up!”
I am now from eternal responsibilities, time always catching up…

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