The Passing Light

September 27, 2017
By lastsongofthesparrow PLATINUM, Auburn, New Hampshire
lastsongofthesparrow PLATINUM, Auburn, New Hampshire
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A gentle rush of cool night air,
sweeps over the rolling sea,
whispering secrets centuries old,
into the twilight, so bleak and weary.

Then - there! In the distance, a single beam,
gliding like a spirit in the heart of night,
illuminating for a moment the idea of hope,
before once more darkness replaces the light.

So bright had it been, so filled with life,
that the shadows scattered far from shore,
but as fast as it came, it flickered away,
gloominess suffocating the silence once more.

Would the light never shine again?
Was it forever lost, or hidden away?
Perhaps it found some better course,
or else its purpose had been led astray.

A fleeting dream, now is all it seemed,
only a taunting trick of the mind,
that false fantasy which teases the soul,
with comfort impossible once more to find.

But, wait! In the distance, could it be?
A familiar glimmer and gleam of light,
sweeping through the dense, grey mist,
with its white glow, so warm and bright.

Fear not now that this light is a fallacy!
Worry not when it is cloaked in the night!
For it will always come around again,
and still exists even when it's out of sight.

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