September 27, 2017
By yoboyleo BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
yoboyleo BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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I see the light inside the darkness
I see the good in the bad
And that's the curse of mine
With a knife in my back
Placed by a “friend”
Who said “till the end”
Who said “never again”


With a skip and a hop
From one to another
A new friend or maybe even two
Is someone to fill the blank space I call friend
To not feel alone
But to be a lone shark 
To feel like there's something 
Even for a few


A few is enough

Because it isn't that rough
To me and my pals
Who are not really pals
Who hang out with sal
But I don't really like sal
Who talks alot of smack
But is a lil wack


Im going to end this
Not for me
Not even for you
Wish you farewell
And a kiss goodnight

The author's comments:

Its kinda just talk about having fake friends 

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