Blinding Gray MAG

September 27, 2017
By NicoleStoupas SILVER, Oceanside, New York
NicoleStoupas SILVER, Oceanside, New York
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It’s the fading of passion,
A casket for ration
Gray is forgetting, all decaying,
The dust on scrapbooks, tapes replaying
Never white but not quite black
Just enough to take me back
Takes it all and leaves too little
Morals fade and rights grow brittle
Pull up the covers, put it out of sight
Gray’s the monsters in the night
A hearse in traffic, never arriving
Flowers wilt that once were thriving
It drags me further in the mist
Until it’s futile to resist
My skin is dry, my eyes are waning
As every drop of life is draining

The author's comments:

Color often expresses what words cannot. "Sad" is not enough to identify a complex human emotion, so grey, simply, is the color I employed to depict the state of my life. Only later, looking back, was I able to draw the words necessary to describe the depth of the color.

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