Love has a name

September 26, 2017
By rocioflores012 BRONZE, Arligton, Texas
rocioflores012 BRONZE, Arligton, Texas
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Love has no warning,
It just comes and hits you,
Love comes in different forms,
Regardless it has no time limit,
It can last months, years, even a lifetime,
Love has no directions, instructions or manual,
Love can be easy, difficult or impossible,
Love can be common or rare,
Regardless the person or animal you love may not love you back,
And that can be heart breaking,
Luckily love comes and goes,
But as always “easier said than done”,
Love can come as fast as light or as slow as a snail,
Sadly, love always goes slower than anything,
If it doesn’t then it’s not love,
But who can say,
Love has its different forms,
Its different ways,
It always changes,
Love is still a mystery,
But at least love has a name

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