Repeating Memories

September 26, 2017
By ForeverYours_Breezy PLATINUM, Dickinson, Texas
ForeverYours_Breezy PLATINUM, Dickinson, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Things may happen. Good and bad, but you must keep moving forward. Don't stop and look back at the past. You may regret it. It could bring you more pain. Look at the present and everything will be okay in the end."

You could see the scars written in her eyes.

You could see the shadows lurking behind her.

You could see the past swallowing her whole.

You could see how damaged she was.


If she could've spoke,

She would have told her story.

If she could've wrote,

She would have described the barn.

If she could've ran,

She would have kept going until her feet hurt.

If she could've blocked the memories,

She would have in a heartbeat.


No one knew the full truth.

No one knew the details of that night.

No one knew all the ways he caressed her body.

No one knew why she would do what she was planning.


It would be years before the case got warmer.

It would be years before her parents got closure.

It would be years before the next pretty girl would call him out.

It would be years before the story came to the end. 

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