Our Final Song

September 21, 2017
By CarolineLevine SILVER, Saint Johns, Florida
CarolineLevine SILVER, Saint Johns, Florida
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We sing longer than anyone else.
Our voices echo on the winds of time.
We remember our lives by wistful dances.
But our melodies fade into the storms of the world.

As our voices fade,
We are told we won’t be heard.
As our opinions dwindle,
We are left answering questions no one asked.
As our poetry dissolves,
We are removed from the grace of the world.

And they tell us we don’t exist

The author's comments:

In my poem, I describe the history of the Jewish people and our identity as Jews. In the modern world, many people like to tell us we are not "Jewish enough" or they tell us we are not "real", and therefore, they deny our existence. But through this poem, I want others to recognize our culture and remember that we, too, exist and that we refuse to let our voices be forgotten.  

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