Big Words

September 21, 2017
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You always had your big voice.
One that overpowered mine,
with big words and big meanings.

You’d say, “I’m simply caught in Weltschmerz.”
As if I needed a translator to tell me
I have a terrible liking to Nihilists.

You’d call me “idiosyncratic” to distract me
when your big personality got us in fights.
As if big compliments shadowed big insults.

You forced me into the purchase of a websters
to understand you calling yourself words like,
“lugubrious “ and “sepulchral”
As if your big words were worth the 13.39.

But I?
I prefer my small words.
I prefer the whispering of little phrases
you’ve long since deemed meaningless,

I’d say,
“I love you.”
in my small voice,
And maybe oneday,
your small ears will hear it.

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