September 14, 2017
By Iso_101 BRONZE, Seattle , Washington
Iso_101 BRONZE, Seattle , Washington
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tucked in your hand,

that artifact paints

berry-infused blush onto

my cheek.

Morning glory eyes drain

the last of the pthalo blue.

You drop the brush, re-do your braid,

then mix more pigment.

These timeless vessels have drawn 

life from rock and blood and arsenic—

and I wonder, when

I look behind the polymer layers,

who you are truly

trying to portray.

The author's comments:

This poem is about appearances and façades. While paintings are often accurate portrayals of people (and in many cases, the only depictions of historical figures we rely on, artists’ interpretations can very much change how someone is portrayed. In this case, the subject feels like they have created a façade, and isn’t sure if the person painting her is trying to depict her true self or the mask she shows the world. This theme is common among teenagers, and can be applied to the way that many teens portray themselves on social media in contrast to who they are in real life.

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