its better to know.

September 13, 2017
By laina1415 SILVER, Lafayette, New York
laina1415 SILVER, Lafayette, New York
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That girl you called weak today...

 Gets beat by her drunk father every night.

That boy you called a fagot today...

 isnt accepted in his home because he is gay.

That pregnant girl you called a slut today...

 was raped by her brothers best friend.

That boy you called a dumb nerd today...

 is the only boy in the family not selling drugs.

That girl you called a baby for crying in class today...

 She lost her parents and is now all alone.

That special needs kid you laughed at today...

 was gonna go home and kill himself.

You never know a person is going through.

Getting to know someone can save them.

Before you judge someone, know their story.

don't believe rumors, learn their stories.

The author's comments:

so after learning about Rachel's Challenge, it inspired this piece. 

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