The Non-Existent Devastating Disease

September 8, 2017

She's the daughter of a witches cure
And the mother of a love hungry chameleon.
She hides in her castle all day and night
But when the declaration of war comes she backs out.

On a steady diet of silence and gossip
The words she speaks are loud and few.
As her castle stands strong inside her mind
In reality it crumbles to the ground.

She's gives her own version of happiness through gifts
And receives no respect in return.
Sadly she can't hold and cherish unconditional love
And now has payed the ultimate price.

It's not her fault she was shaped and molded this way
But only a timeline can tell who's to blame.
This is the disease that murders relationships
This is the disease that is non existent in a broken mind.

The author's comments:

This poem is about my grandmother and how sick she is.

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