how dumb am i?

September 8, 2017
By ashes_castillo17 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
ashes_castillo17 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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I let you in...

you knocked down these walls.

I loved you endlessley....

and you shredded my heart.

I gave you everything and you took it all.

greedy you were . greedy you are. greedy you always will be. 

I loved you when you needed me most.

I held me when you wanted me close.

i kissed you when you nedded a love dose....

And still you reject me.

still you choose to leave me now that i need you.

push me away when i need you near.

refuse me when i love you most.

And yet why am i still here, waiting by the phone, wishing you were home, wanting you so i wouldnt be alone. The excruciating pain i suffer night and day...but yet i ache to remain at your side.


How dumb am i?

The author's comments:

Ugh....loving is easy but being in lo0ve is harder...especially when the feeling isnt mutual....

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on Sep. 13 2017 at 3:22 pm
laina1415 SILVER, Lafayette, New York
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i love this so much!!!!! I can so relate to this.

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