Of All Things..

September 6, 2017
By Adaamarriz BRONZE, Compton, California
Adaamarriz BRONZE, Compton, California
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Of all the things to say, why that? Why do you choose to say those words, those hatred words that crawl into my skin and enter my heart to tear every artery there is? Why do you choose to leave me, despite everything I have done for you? Wasn’t I enough? Wasn’t I your favorite person? You left me, abandon almost, for that other person, and for that other adventure you called life.  You proceeded to leave, with a smile that stretched ear to ear, as if you were relieved that you got rid of the person that loved you most. You didn’t look bad, you didn’t bother to. You continued to leave, until you became a dot that burned within the sunset. It was a very awful cold night, you left me, us….. Abandon on a street, with nothing to eat, nothing to drink, nothing. My heart burned, my face bloody red, all because I couldn’t stop crying. I reached out to my sister, to hold my hand, she held it and I could feel her shiver. We waited, and waited for her to return, but she didn’t. She said she loved us, that she cared for us, and that she only wanted what was best. However, she had a funny way of showing it. Leaving us out in the dark like that? Two little girls, one who’s 3 and the other who’s 5. Two girls who were being introduced to the outside world already. Child molesters lurking in the night, rapists waiting for their next victim, and there we were. Two little girls, alone in the night awaiting for someone to come and hopefully claim them as their child. Of all things… why abandon us?

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