What Happened?

September 3, 2017
By double-jointed BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
double-jointed BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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One tube
two tubes
three tubes…
twelve tubes of blood left my body

I had my last meal 18 hours ago
Saltine crackers
And a can of ginger ale

I’m ready to sleep
But they carried me away
Into a room with plastic chairs
a machine shooting out thin red beams
A short-haired lady with blue mask
Greeted me

my arm
constricted by a rubber tourniquet
My head
pressed against the machine
My vein
pierced by a needle
My blood
stained by the fluorescent dye

Left my body
Foreign substance
invaded my body
My body could not take it
A flash of purple appeared before my eye…

All I could see was purple
All I could hear was purple
All I could feel was purple

“Hey !, Get up !”
I heard voices but could not see
I opened my eyes
No, twenty people surrounded me
Two holding my hands
Two other tightly grasping my feet...

I realized what happened

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