Black and White Truth

September 2, 2017
By Skylar Vinkemeier BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
Skylar Vinkemeier BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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When it all first started
Your words were so soothing
And your laugh was relaxing
You were all I ever wanted

So I took the risk and made the jump
While just hearing my heart constantly thump
My actions were hopeless and rash
Because you just sent them to the trash

Your colorful lies
Hurt me more
Than the black and white truth
It's just pain galore
But I'd rather have the truth
Than fight around
In your playground
Filled with lies

Times have changed now
By countless tears
And less than a few years
You went through my heart with your plow

Now I'm left here
With no end being near
I just listen to you speak
With your words making me weak

I want the black and white truth
Because it would never hurt as bad
As your colorful lies

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