September 1, 2017

I just wanted you
To know, that you
Aren’t ordinary.

I just wanted you
To know, that you
Are more than you
Know, that you are

I just wanted you
To know that your
Fear doesn’t have
Supreme power-
It only holds you
Back when you
Let it have
Its way.

So don’t be afraid,
Little One. Your
Dreams aren’t
Unattainable, I
Promise. I promise
That you are capable
Of more than you
Know or imagine.

You are beautiful,
I say it again. You
Are irreplaceable,
I say it again. You
Are worth more
Than you give
Yourself credit for.
You aren’t useless,
You’ve a purpose,
I promise.

I promise that it’ll
All be okay in the
End. But though the
Road winds and
Wavers, may not
Your determination,
Dear One, you who
Are loved!

Press on, press on,
My Beloved! Your
Journey is worth the
Hardship, the doubt,
The aches and pains;
The destination isn’t
The goal, my dear.
Your journey is
Beautiful and completely
New- there has been no
Story like yours in the
Existence of the Galaxies.

Like the dust of the earth
And the twinkles of the stars,
Your being on earth is no
Accident, no mistake. What
Would the earth be without
Its firm footing? What would
The heavens be without starlight?
For that is what you are; you are
Starlight, make no mistake.

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