The Ramblings of a Madman #1

September 1, 2017

It occurs to me

That every time

We sit and cry

That no one minds

To ask what's wrong

Or what we need

Or why the tears fall from our face

Society just won't accept

Our sadness, sorrow, or our pains

Because they know

If they expose

Their caring

Is anyone caring?

To expose the fact

That they are weak

In the expense of others?


No one wants to face the truth

Not you, not me, not the crying man

That we are a nation

Turned to selfishness...

It's scary, isn't it, the truth?

We watch as our own children die

Get raped

Get starved

And one day, you might do it, too

And one day you might be doing it, too


Shocking, yes, I know I am

Can you believe I just said that?

Well, it's true

We need the truth

If we don't fix what we've become

We can't return to who we were

We cared, we loved, we laughed

Before the darkness swept our minds

We can return

We must return

To a time when we weren't so f***ed up

When 'Heaven' and 'Hell" were separated

By the things that we initiated

Into our hearts, into our minds, into our souls

But then again

You probably think

These are just the ramblings of a madman

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