America the Brave

August 24, 2017
By LaurenceHayward SILVER, Sturminster Newton, Other
LaurenceHayward SILVER, Sturminster Newton, Other
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We are all in the gutter, but some us are looking at the stars.

America the brave, still fears the unknown.

Her wrists still shackled by hatred and terror.
And yet the key to release is obvious,
Her much sensationalised freedom is in sight
But the hand of love refuses to reach for it.

America the brave, will not learn from the past.
A system of horror and division which once threatened the world
Is still supported by those who’d rather forget.
“Alternative facts” try to cover the wounds of yesteryear,
And the pain and misery is swept under the rug of lies.

America the brave, will you ever learn?
Those you try to blame, those races or religions,
Whose values and beliefs you refuse to tolerate,
Are not to blame. The politician spewing venomous lies and
Hate-fuelled poison causes the violence in the street and the terror in our hearts.

America the brave, live up to your creed.
Don’t silence the voices who spread their hate;
Let them speak and let them be proved wrong, with facts and evidence.
History is on our side, so do what you do best. Rise up and defend freedom.
Reach out the hand of love for those who would rather reach out a fist of rage.

America the brave, unite as one.

The author's comments:

As a Brit, I hadn't realised how much racist and Neo-Nazi sentiment still existed in the US, but the election of Trump, and more recently the Charlottesville unrest really opened my eyes. It saddens me that these monsters still find a home in a country which prides itself on its fight against tyranny in the Second World War, on liberty and freedom, and on its constitution. This document which states that all men are created equal, but in practice this seems to have been forgotten. "All I say to America, is be true to what you put on paper" Martin Luther King Jr.

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