The Price Of Life

August 30, 2017
By DavisWood PLATINUM, Liberty, South Carolina
DavisWood PLATINUM, Liberty, South Carolina
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Is there a price on life?
Is there a certain amount of money that you can pay to live?
All these people who can’t afford their treatments so they fade away.
What should the cost be?
Should only the rich afford it,
Right into doctor’s pockets?
Is it an even number,
Or is it an exact penny?
Is is class exclusive?
Could I afford it?

We watch the people fade out of government existance and and we have to wonder,
Is there a cure for cancer?
Why is poverty an issue?

What do we meant to the politicians?
Are we the people they swore to protect and serve, or are we just a paycheck?
To the president,
Do you mean what you say about upholding our rights and truly serving US,
Or are we just means to another million?

My message to thee people is thus,
Stand up for rights, but don’t destroy others in your quest.
We are on a quest for equality but there is one things nobody remembers;
Equality is not justice.
Equality is a flat rate for our survival,
Justice is the means for survival of all.

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