In Our Future Years...

August 31, 2017
By Jonathan_Fransen BRONZE, Worthington, Iowa
Jonathan_Fransen BRONZE, Worthington, Iowa
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In Our Future Years...

Ten years from now will it all be the same
or will I become just another name?
Will we still show our love and adore 
or will you leave and want more? 
Twenty years from now will we still need 
or will we forever exceed?
Will we have all we've dreamed of and more
or will our lives become a bore?
Thirty years from now will we succeed
or will we fight and be disagreed?
Will we still laugh and sing
or will you throw off your ring?
Forty years from now will we travel the sea
or will you up and leave me?
Will we dance the night away
or will our love fall into disarray?
Fifty years from now will we grow old
or will we still shine like gold? 
Will we be happy with the life we've made
or will you wish you had never stayed?

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