Calamitous gardens

August 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Every corner and
Every inch is occupied
With demons
And monsters

It is so dark
Not even your light
Could shine through
No matter how
Hard you may try

And I am sorry the flowers you planted in me
Are not nurtured enough
They get sheared, flooded,
Wilted and withered

But you do not understand
I cannot stop the storms
I am not strong enough to hold
These flowers gently in my hands
Like you intended me to do

I cannot love them the way they should be
I cannot tend to their fragile needs

Do not think I try to kill the flowers
For they are the most divine works of art
I have ever seen
And I love the idea of being your beautiful garden
So endearing and pure

But I am not your sunshine on a rainy day
I am not your rainbow after the storm

For I am a tornado
A hurricane
An earthquake
And my enigmatic ways will destroy every flower
And every garden
Whether I try
Or not

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