another poem about being 16

August 27, 2017
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in LA, if you try to watch the leaves turn to tell you it's time to take out those tank tops you'll be stuck in a turtle neck 'til you sweat to death so instead i watch my arms.

they're teetering between "golgen glow" and "latte" from the sun's soft streams so i know summer will be here soon.

this is the time ofyear when the jasmine scent in the air peaks

only to be polluted by sunscreen and chlorine as soon as the final bell rings on june 8th,

the time of year for overinflated balloons and overinflated "i'll miss ou so much we have to stay in touch!!!!!!!!!!"'s


my birthday is the first day of summer and instead of the sunshine most similize with the two events i usually experience a personal bout of juen gloom in the microclimate of my mind when the 21st slouches it's way in.

16 is the year that everyone writes songs about and i guess i'm guilty of that too because i've had more feelings crammed into these past 12 months than in the 192 that came before them. 

there hasn't been enough space inside of me so they've spilled over onto the perpetually patient paper in the form of meandering metaphors and aggressive alliteration.


i am a new person from the paper doll that stood in my place this time last year partly cause global warming's brought some record highs and record lows within and without me but also because i've learned to strech beyond my skin.


i hope the glaciers make it to see 18. 

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