The Dawn

August 27, 2017
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One night I walked,
No I ran.
I saw the sun set,
So I chased after Day

That one final light,
That hope pulled me on.
I ran till I bleed,
I ran till I broke.

I ran out my life,
In one, unending night.
I never could catch,
That sunset I’d lost.

It was only when I stopped,
When I'd run out of fight,
When all that anger ran dry,
And my furry was spent.

Only then, in that longest of nights,
Could the sun rise catch up.

That Dawn showed me,
Where I now was.
Almost exactly,
Where my run had begun.

So long ago,
At the birth of my race;
My suite against Death,
My trial of time.

I watched her take,
That one final step.
She had, like I,
Reached the end of her fight.

And it lead to an edge,
One she couldn't face.

So when she stepped off,
I followed her down.
I chased down the sun,
That stole her away.

Yet, I could not seem, ever to find.
What Death, saw fit to take.
I screamed at the dark,
Waged a war on the sky.

So now I lie waiting,
Waiting for fate
To come, and darken my dawn.
Instead I look up,

And find myself here,
At the base of her death.
But it's not her up on top.
It's a whole different member,

Of the family of grief,
An army, armored in agony.

And when this one falls,
I catch them and say,
“Stay here with me,
For I know something of Death.

I ran out of fight,
My anger is dry,
And my furry is spent.
I have, but one thing to give.”

So I show them the Dawn.

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