Time Warp

August 25, 2017

I wish I could focus on a photo
To fly through time
To fix even just a single word
Instead I pray time heals me
As it excessively wraps up my bleeding wound
Bandage after bandage
Picture after picture
Memory after memory

They used to call me the time keeper
I always knew the time
Whether it was right or wrong
It betrayed me like a dearest friend
It took her away from me
People still ask me why
Why it burns my hands to write about her
Why night after night she enchants my bedroom
Her ghost lingering around my mind

Betrayal is an illusion
It's the truth unseen
I always knew she was gone
Like a wave after it hits the shore
Time always told me to make my move
I was playing a game of chess
Even though my king was already knocked over
Laying in my room soaked with blue
I reflect on the underlying truth
The betrayal I committed onto myself
I covered my mouth with my own hand
I covered my ears with my own hands
I closed my eyes
I closed my mind
I took my finger off the trigger
Watching her walk away

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