The Only One

August 25, 2017
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Baby i don't want to be official

i just wanna be the only one

that has nothing to do with selfishness

it's just i am not senseless

i don't want to be a main chick 

who has to deal with side chicks 

and i don't want to be just a number

because i won't be able to compete over and over

baby i don't want to be your favorite 

i just want to be the only one

yea your favorite color is red

favorite movie walking dead

so why with those should i be compared 

dude ain't gonna let you rank me

it's whether i'm the only one or i'm none

how do you expect me to be comfortable

to see you saying those same words to some other hoe

make out the same way with those females tho

loyalty is in my DNA,and craziness is in my  genes

i'm so fun,so cute,so responsible and baby you know i'm so freaky

those ladies out there they might want you as a sugar daddy,a f***boy,or whatever

my point is that they're so tricky 

bae i don't want to be official,i just want to be the only one

because i don't want no rival,and i won't spend my whole life doing competition

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