The Mystery Curse

August 22, 2017
By , Inglewood, CA

The day is beautiful, I had just woken up and the sunrise seemed more pretty for some reason today and it felt special, because today is my birthday. My mom came into my room followed by my father, and my sister who had a cake with 16 candles on it, my 12 year old sister jumped on me and gave me a big hug singing “Happy Birthday Scott” along with both my parents. I got up ate the breakfast they made for me, and then the cake of course. I put on some new clothes that they had bought me yesterday, and headed out to the mountains, I decided I would go to the forbidden part of the forests up there, and found so cool animals i had never seen as well as a dog who followed me, which was great since I always wanted a dog but couldn’t get one because every place in town only had weird/mean dogs which did not appeal to me and this was super nice clean and cute. I took him to climb with me and he followed and found many sticks and this cool big golden/metallic one that i kept as my own, then we were getting close to the top but felt something weird and the dog wouldn’t stop barking and making weird noises so I panicked, and I started to follow the dog because he kept trying to yank me to go back so I started to run and then all I can remember is me waking up in a cave upside down from a rope, I swayed myself and snapped the rope in half fell free and started to go towards a light where a Floating Man put his arm up and just stopped me there and I couldn’t move at all, then he grabbed my hand and mark went all over my enter hand and sleeve. I then woke up at the bottom of the hill next to the dog barking at me, and my family running towards me, when I finally regained full consciousness and then they told me how the dog lead them towards me. That’s when my mom realized the markings on my hand and asked what it was so I had to explain what had happened.
I was going up the mountain with this dog and then an avalanche came over and then i woke up in a cave tied up freed myself and a weirdly hooded man grabbed my hand and that’s all I remember.
SCOTT you could have been killed we thought you weren’t coming back and then this dog showed up calling us over and we followed him to find you here alone lying on the ground.
Mom it’s ok calm dow…
NO it’s not ok you could’ve died or something, so no you are now staying inside forever unless one of us accompanies you .
I went home and then I remembered again that the man said that I needed to go to the top of the same mountain I was climbing and Ring the bell at the top before sunset or I wad have the curse forever, and as I was thinking about that as I turned into a Yeti and started trashing things outside the house, so I told my parents and they told me to go and with my sister who wanted to accompany me, and at first it was fine but then I realized that she might hurt if I transformed but she didn’t care and said that she wanted to go and help me get rid of this curse that I had. We left and started to climb we climbed a lot and then as soon as we were getting really close i started to transform a lot and my sister got scared and i was attacking her and hitting trees and things like that until my sister calmed me down and  I kept getting close until I just stayed that form but my face wasn’t changing until I got to the top which scared me a lot but I didn’t care and kept going with the process and tried to ring the bell and the Yeti that I had been transforming into got out of me and i had to defeat it to finally be free from the curse so I did, and it hurt my sister so I got mad and ran up to it and punched it into a sword which killed it and I was safe so I helped my sister and the curse lifted but my marks never did so I went home with my sister and my Mom saw that I was ok but asked why weren’t the marks gone and i told her it was ok as long as the actual curse was gone. I ended up taking a liking to the markings and later figured out that I still withheld the power of the Yeti, but now I had the power to become and fully control the Yeti so it turned out to be a great birthday after all and I had this power forever and decided to pass it onto my children who embraced it.

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