To Stay or to Go

August 22, 2017
By , Biglerville, PA

The boundaries of this town
Seem to suffocate me
Constricting me into
Something I am not

This is not where I belong
Nor where I want to be
And with every thought in my mind,
I cannot wait to leave

I plan my escape from the grasp
Of these cracked sidewalks
And streetlights and one-lane roads

Oh if only time would speed up
So I could stop dreaming and start going

But then I remember the faces
Of those who care and those who love
Who makes me feel alive when I thought
That was impossible here

And I think that maybe
Just maybe
My home is not where I stay
But who makes me never want to leave

Because although my feet may wander
My heart is forever rooted
To the nostalgia
Of this town

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