The Solace in Agony

August 22, 2017
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?You play the synchronised tune of disorderly heartbeats...

?Fumbling with the strands of my dreams,

?The blur of my tears blowing-

?On my eyelids,

?My walls  are greased with silence,

?The falling moonbeams clattering...

?Embedded into the surface of my heart,

?As evident as the stars chiselled into my soul,

?The shredded remains of our broken hourglass-

?The hourglass of love...

?I reach out to touch the sands of your words...

?I cringe at the roughness on my finger cushions

?Yet, despite the intense agony,

?The salt of your sands mingle with my veins,

?To rip entwined arteries...

?I keep touching...

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