Past Looking In

August 22, 2017
By ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
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Be yourself, there's no one better.

Not sure where to start

You've done a lot of damage

In my heart

Tore it like a savage

Every hit you delievered

Bruised me inside

You left scars within

That'll never quit heal

Words said

That cut deeper

That made me feel

Lesser than my worth

Tried to make me believe

I wasn't good enough

Taught me love

Hurt more than hate

I started to you know

Hate you that is

I though it'd block the pain

No-one could touch me then

Let you deceive my mind

It never worked

Memories are still hooked

I realize now

I might never forget

What its like to be

A live target

Inner fears


Came from you

You don't know it

How could you not

You've broken me you see

But I've built myself back up

Not backing down anymore

Tear all you want

This inner wall

Is standing tall

You'll now forever be

The past looking in

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