When the Heart Breathes its Last

August 21, 2017
By Anonymous

It was too late, now

He looked to the ground

Things were spilling

Time was running out

As the world came to fall

And the walls tumbled down

Two arms held him fast

Chipped his soul made of stone

Turned his heart into glass

Slim fingers plugged holes

Where crimson sputtered

Her eyes dulled like lights

She whispered

A string of notes

Words trickled between her teeth

And dripped onto the floor

As they mingled with a brew of tears and blood

With the hand that she had

She held up his face

He stuck out his arm

He reached for a face

Something familiar

Something not out of place

Something still soft

Something untouched

From the red, bloody lake

That bubbled through his veins

And snaked through open holes

She held back the spring

That filled in her eyes

As he cupped her soft cheek

As he silently cried

She gritted her teeth

Shoved her tongue down her throat

Bit down on her cheeks

She locked herself down

Closed off all the gates

Shut all the blinds

Slammed the doors

Wanted to run away

And he looked in her eyes

Saw her capture his gaze

Stare into his soul

Ask if it was just too late

Pulled her to his chest

Wrapped his arms around tight

And silently


He whispered

“It’s alright”

With two words, she was broken

Her walls were smashed

Her heart cut into pieces

Chopped up

No more

Tsunamis rushed forth

Pushed past her weak eyes

And she flooded her love

With unyielding cries

Together they wept

A solemn song


Not sweet

Not a moment went by

When she heard his last beat

His last heartbeat, his last heart breathe

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