The Graveyard

August 24, 2017

Sit in a valley of peace, among the yard of souls,
And jump up to dance with the dead.
A paradise that remains without dole,
The calmness of corpses consoling your dread.
You are surrounded by what is feared and frightened.
But to you, death is an escape.
You are liberated by the thought of the end,
Telling Death it’s your life He should take.
Surrounded by those who have accomplished what you haven't,
And a lingering scent of flowers for the remembered.
Lying with the leftovers of your friends,
Hoping your wishes will be granted, or at least heard.
You lie among Death, although He hasn’t touched you yet.
With a desire for demise, to be like those you are around.
You rest there in peace, wondering when He will visit.
Lifelessly lying there like the others. Only you, are above ground.

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