Spark Of Fire

August 23, 2017
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It fell from the sky.
From the universe.
On to the face of the earth.
Tears from the heavens.
Falling with the weight of gravity.
The weight of a melancholy heart.
The weight of sweat sorrow.
With disparity, anxiety, love, and departure.


His name was Rain.
Rain was lonely.
He danced.
He danced by himself.

A spark inside him lit up every time he danced.
Something was created.
Her name was Fire.

Rain wasn't sure about Fire.
He felt something inside him.
Something never felt before.
Whenever Fire was near Rain, Rain gave in smaller and smaller.


Rain danced gracefully, Fire sang tenderly.

In harmony, in a ballad.

With all of me,
Say something,
Be kind.
Show me your location,
For I may find you.


But when they sang together, Rain was latching off.

Rain knew he would have to go sooner or latter.
But he danced with Fire anyways.
Just to see her smile one more time, for it might even be the last.


Again and again.

Rain had died away.


Fire was short.
She was dancing by herself.

Singing all alone.
But Fire realized, she wouldn't be herself without rain.

Wishing to see Rain again.

So Fire died out.

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