Dear Neo-Nazi

August 21, 2017
By odessasimone GOLD, Mill Valley, California
odessasimone GOLD, Mill Valley, California
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?Dear Neo-Nazi
You may speak, you may chant, you may march, but I need not listen.
Your words duly bounce off the fortress of my Judaism
A fortress not constructed of a fervent belief in God, but of a monumental pride, respect and awe for the collective history of my people that is wrapped around my shoulders tightly to deter your slander
My pigment of my skin, my hair, my eyes often leaves me unnoticed from your hate, but I call upon you Neo-Nazi to smell the Judaism in the breath of my being and in the stench of my aura. Neo-Nazi, examine my 100% Ashkenazi Jewish blood, notice it, understand it. Listen carefully Neo-Nazi, because my heart is fiercely singing: Never Again.
Your hate is not old, it is not original, yet it is relentless, but I want you to know Neo-Nazi that it has no effect on me.
A Jew

The author's comments:

After being at my Jewish sleepaway camp for two weeks I have been blissfully ignorant of current events. Coming home to all the horrible events in the news was a shock to my system, but a much appreciated one.
This is a poem I wrote last night in response to watching the VICE episode on Charlottesville.

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