A handful of candies!

August 20, 2017
By Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
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As soon as
He walked in
My Keen eyes
Kept on staring
At his bag Full of surprises .
Eyes Awaiting treasure
Happiness awaiting exposure
And suddenly
He said-"le, ye tere lie"
Giving me
A handful of toffees
Containing smiles
More than the candies
No other gift
In this world
Could ever equate
To Those candies
As his love was
And my happiness was

Soon,he left
That happiness faded
And neither of them
Ever came back.

Now, no waiting is there
And no treasure
Is worth the stare.
I miss that love
I miss that happiness
I miss that spark
I miss that keenness.
The pain in the heart
Of a twelve year old
Is still there
In an eighteen year old's.

I smile to him
Looking At the stars
Talking to him
In the late night hours
He smiles back
And says - "le, ye tere lie"
Gifting me again
Not a handful of chocolates
But thousands of memories.
Memories to rejoice
Memories to smile
As I know he's there
With his hand full of love
Holding mine
For now and forever.

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