A letter to the monster in my mind

August 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear you,
I don't dare to speak your name as it sounds as if I'm cursing at the heavens. I don't dare to give you power as I know the devil was once an angel at the mercy of God. But, through it all you still hide in the deep darkness of my mind, in the small spaces that I cannot reach. You linger. Waiting, planning, and attacking me when I least expect it. I don't deny you know how to overcome my strength but, you weaken yourself each time you do. As I wake up from the daze and realize I am much more than a frightened girl. I am strong. I am much more than your puppet being pulled by the strings of your evil and twisted ways. I am much more than the smirk you grace me with as you dwell on all the chaos you have caused. I am a women, with hopes and dreams for tomorrow. I am no longer a little girl who crawls under the bed begging for your mercy. I am the one that controls you. I am the girl you tried to break. I am resilient and strong enough to overcome you.

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