when bond is non fragile

August 20, 2017
By gullabo BRONZE, SURAT, Georgia
gullabo BRONZE, SURAT, Georgia
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from one of my past actions ,today i get to learn a new lesson,
how easily a tiny s***ty thing can worsena normal situation
just as in chemistry even a tiny molecule of hydrogen can accelerate a chemical reaction
really it does require a good time investment,just like high input of energy for strong bond formation,
but sometimes few attacking reagents like our own human ego can lead to its fragmentation
there do exist few bonds which survive in every condition
they show amazing features just like water anomalous expansion
but it happens only when bond between two souls is non fragile not just a mere dipole attraction.

The author's comments:

When we love someone truly then everlasting bond is formed between us which might be shaken but never broken..such is the true love which is explained here in language of chemistry

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