You, always you

August 19, 2017
By Seyun BRONZE, McLean, Virginia
Seyun BRONZE, McLean, Virginia
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I remember the first day I saw you
Sitting on the desk across the classroom.
I blushed at your little smile.

Remember the day when you first called me?
I couldn’t hear any of what you said
Because of your voice that called my name

When we first walked under the cherry blossom
You were walking beside me
You’ll never know how stressed I was to walk pretty

I remember when we had our first kiss
Under the dim streetlight, looking into each other’s eyes
We said “I love you”

Do you remember the day when you proposed?
You knelt to the ground with a ring,
And i shouted, “yes!”

Now, I see you sleeping beside me
On one bed and under one blanket
You are always within my reach

Dear love, if someone asks me
What I want the most above anything else
It is you, always you

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