Who Are We

August 19, 2017
By Ziggy47 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Ziggy47 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Who are we

To say that people are worthless

To say they are freaks

To say they don't deserve to live this life

Becuase no matter how people appear

They take that to heart

They beleive it

They will always hear your voice

Telling them they are worthless

But they are something

They are great, but can never see

Becasue of people like you and me

Pushing them down

We tore them down

And for what

A laugh?

What is more important

A laugh

Or someone's life

The author's comments:

Once I had a friend, and every day someone would put a note in her locker. One of them told her to go hang herself. I wrote this because I wanted her to know that she is not alone.

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