August 19, 2017
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my eyes meet yours,and something happen

i didn't know what it is

and whatever it is,that feeling is strange

one day without being by your side seems eternity

after a while u were the reason why i even write poetry


you told me you love me

yea,l   o  v  e,love

i was questionning myself

wondering if mine is identical then yours

my heart is burning with that feeling

you,yes you,become that only one in a big world


Yes,i loved you too 

and that love was so true

one season,another one and not one more

you broke my heart and follow another port

so you that one who said you cared for me

who promised to be always here

so where are u now



yes i wait but now it's over

i give up on you like u gave up on me

so that love is now in  past tense

all promises broke,all feelings gone

so now just hearing your name 

turn my blood in ice

it's funny how instead of l-o-v-e

i just say i loved you

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