August 18, 2017

Every other day when I'm sad
I think of you.
You're beautiful
But you're too late.
By now you should've realized it was coming.
My life is a winding road of ups and downs.
Maybe I was the one that saved you.
But slowly you drowned me.
I have a hole in me now.
But I still love you.
I don't want to break you
But after all it's alll I'm doing.
It's not about reputation.
It's about love.
Sharing what we had,
It was meaningful.
My deepest wish is for us to be happy.
Nobody said it was going to be easy
But we are moving on.
Who knows, maybe I was the one who was holding you back.
You were always a puzzle
And sometimes
I feel like I've failed you.
I wish it was easier to part.
We are going back to the start.
I wish we will both
Be happy in the long run.
Life is not an easy one.
I hope we will figure it out.
I wish for you
And I wish for me.
So don't forget I'll never leave.
But if it was destiny, it was meant to be.
I'll never stop loving you.
Though all the things
We've been through.

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