The Ocean

August 18, 2017
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The thunderous sound
It makes.
It shakes
The air around
This beach.

The deep abyss
Holding wonders
Still thunders
Lightning gladly missed.

This thunderous sound
It makes
Unlike lakes
Babbling over-ground
Tame in every way.

The ocean
Is fierce
The motion
To be feared
The sea
To be respected
To me
Every movement unexpected

The calm water
Provides peace
Provides tranquility
Never for lease
Never a liability.

In the deep
I submerge myself
Slowly I seep
Peace I feel.

Silence muffled
Reality fading
Shuffled thoughts calm
The Sun’s ray’s charade
Happens around me.

Fish pass by
Movements once slow
Speed up as they shy
Away as closer I grow.

Eyes shuttered
I stay a moment longer
Before my breath stuttered
And I rise feeling stronger.

Wild, un-tame
Beautiful in a frame
But never the same
As its presence

Its sentiments
To everyone
Who respects it
Protects it
Relaxes in it
Gives in to it
To the ocean.

The ocean
That provides peace
That provides tranquility
That is never for lease
That is never a liability

The ocean
Answers to one
Answers to none
Owned by one
Owned by none.

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