I Miss You

August 17, 2017
By B1dog1 BRONZE, Rensselaer, Indiana
B1dog1 BRONZE, Rensselaer, Indiana
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I wish you were still here
I miss you
I really do
Some days I can not live without thinking about how it would be different if you were still here.
Some days I wonder what would be different if I would have followed you and not let you go alone.
Some days I blame myself for you being gone.
Some days I wish I could have changed your mind.
I wish I would have known how you felt.
I wish you were still here.
I need you here.
I need my dad.
I need the one and only person that cared about me every day.
I need the one and only person that made sure I was okay.
I need you to talk to.
I wish you were here for me to talk to.
But now that you're gone I have to talk to the wall just like you did.
I talk to the wall just like you told me you always had to.
I feel like some days your still with me, but on the other side of the wall.
I feel you in my presence.
I wonder if it's really you.
I stay up late at night missing you.
I stay up wishing you were here.
I miss you dad.
I need you back.
They say it's not goodbye but only see you again. But will I really see you ever again?
I hope I grow up to be the kid you are proud of.
I try and try to be the kid you raised.
I try to be the kid you would be proud of.
But it's so hard sometimes.
Knowing I can never hear your voice.
Knowing I can never hug you good night again.
Knowing I can't tell you I love you anymore.
Knowing I can never tell you how much I miss you dad.

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