Speck of Purpose

August 17, 2017

Our earth is a tiny particle of dust suspended in a beam of light
That’s us, we call it our home, yet the only thing keeping us elevated
is a single sunbeam
Without life, Earth is just a beautiful dense rock
All the people who fought and died for our existence
All of those who tried and tried to succeed with a little touch of persistence
We are nothing without them
The superstars, the artists, the hopeful, the ringmasters
The rainbows the earthquakes, tsunamis and disasters
The elite, supreme, the shoes, bags, and nails,
The pretty
The slums, the garbage that lives and watches our streets at night
The leaders, the movements, the sudden rise in power,
The loving couple that lasts for years
The loudest screaming your ears could ever hear
All to remind us of our human race for which we can’t quite understand yet
Do we even notice?
There are seven billion stories that are here in our home.
Everyone thinks of the little chromosomes

but then they don’t see the thing that matters more than not being alone

Maybe it’s time now, mom, that we rip the barcodes from our heads
Yes, mom, cant you see that this is more than a physicality
It’s really starting to feel like it now
Thinking our value non-existant makes the tears too little a representation of the feels
So we decide to feel nothing.
Seeing pain is not the same as experienced pain
And then I wonder why I think as if I feel nothing
For when we hold back it is time in which we cease to exist
This is why we must become the smile on a stranger’s face
Connect with one another
Yes, we are a speck of dust in the vast, cosmic arena
But come on
Notice it
Our world is nothing
But we are everything

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Moriah said...
Aug. 24 at 1:18 am
This is so beautiful!
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