August 16, 2017
By Athena_111 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Athena_111 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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" now we can pretend that we both have friends" DEH

Born from the pebbles that seep through the cracks of the pyramid
but raised under the hand of the founder fathers
who bestowed the amendments before me
teaching them to restore my honor
Under the impression that the words made in mexico's which were embedded into the nape of my neck
were to merely fade into the verses of the pledge
Pondering over the brand on my back labeling my to be an americanĀ 
In the land of the free
Free to be a criminal
Watching the men pour liquor down their coffee cups
Barbers passing drugs along with each swift cut
Our carts aligned perfectly behind one another
in front of every soup kitchen
segregated from the kids who didn't fear their own people
These kids created two yellow brick roads for us
To my right I could hear the wails of my ancestors screeching that I had traded away my heritage to become a trinket in a barbie house
Their nails digging into my white washed skin
Two my left are the protest of the fifty stars
Determined to blind me from seeing the rights I've been denied
To construct an identity that represents both of my homes.
but will never satisfy who I am
juggling to adopt newly found beliefs
but barely maintaining the ones I had
Despite what I do
i'm shun from the world that created me
And seen inhuman to the world that raised me
Drifting me away to the land of exile
Where uncle sam and Guadalupe Victoria
paid their frequent visits
bringing gifts
a rope
a blade
Together they taught me how to stop the corruption
giving me a desire to rip the flesh from my bones and filter the blood in my veinsĀ 
Consigning myself to an oblivion
it's comforting knowing it can all stop
I don't want to be called an immigrant
Border crosser
Mexican girl
You taught me the inadequacy of my skin
YOU'RE the reason 15% of latina girls commit suicide.
YOU'RE the one who denies us our rights
don't look at me like i'm crazy
I may have a bullet in my head
but YOU gave me the gun!

The author's comments:

Honestly i'm tired of being sterotypes and put into a box. I don't want to be labled the "Mexican Girl", The "Drug Dealer". I was watching the news and I heard President Trump constatly imply that all mexicans are criminals and it's infuriating. He's allowing descrimination to grow and thrive. I want the readers to understand that Latina female suicide rates are higher than any other race. This is unacceptable! I dont believe it's out fault its the feeling of Diaspora that leads so many beatiful girls to think their not good enough and that they don't deserve to live It's all the name calling and discrimination!     

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