i once knew a girl

August 16, 2017
By PunkrockGabby BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
PunkrockGabby BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
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i once knew a girl
Who tried so very hard to please everyone
Who tried to hold up the whole world
Who was sick of feeling so lonely
Who got sick of being the odd one out
Who tried so hard to be everyone's friend
Who was trying so hard to reach her extreme goals
Who tried tirelessly to meet everyone's expectations
Who smiled through the pain for her family’s sake
Who forced herself to eat so nobody would worry
Who got tired of being doubted by EVERYONE
Who came to hate herself very much
Who screwed up every relationship that came to her
Who tired of standing back up only to get knocked down again
Who pushed away the only ones that ever cared about her
Who cried herself to sleep at night wishing she was better
Who desperately wanted to fix everything she’d ever done wrong
who wrote this poem in order to relax

Who wondered why she was still here and decided to fix  the matter

i once knew a girl just like that

The author's comments:

this poem was inspired by a friend who was having a very trying time during her junior year of high school

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