chipped away

August 16, 2017

i bite the ballroom                                                                               
off my feet,                                                                               

take these toes                                                                               
between taut teeth                                                                               
& drag                                                                               
up &                                                                               
out &                                                                               

but the silver                                                                               
still stings                                                                               
in slivers                                                                               
                                              & i
                                              look down at the
                                              sundrops clinging
                                              to the tips of my
                                              fingers & feel

                                              you, & our
                                              dreams by the
                                              big glass window:

                                              missing you
                                              marbles up
                                              in me but
                                              the paint stays put,

                                              so my love does too

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