With Winter Comes Spring

August 20, 2017
By PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
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-Rad Bradbury

Winter comes early to kill my soil.

It is ebony, nourished for years to come.

But how can my fruits and vegetables grow

when crushed by mountains of ivory snow?


To Americans, trapped in the restless tundra,

now frozen and barren by chilling hate.

The Klan falls like small, white snowflakes

on the winds of pride and prejudice:

this blizzard based off the precedence

of the Supremacist's negrophobia.


But with winter comes a warmer spring.

The light bursts through the ominous clouds.

The groundhogs dig with thunderous haste

towards the surface, lifting their heads to the Sun.


We rise with the Sun.

With its fire, we shall run

over mountains of snow that melt into the soil,

through the valleys of ice that shatter to waterfalls.

We even jump for the sky

and heat the blizzard to a thunderstorm.


The earth, once barren, blossoms back to life.

My soil will grow richer, darker from the storm,

but only if spring comes and winter ends.

We are the Sun.

Rise and take your stand.

The author's comments:

I consider this poem a letter to my fellow Americans to stand up against prejudice, whether it be directly in the streets or indirectly by expressing disgust for the recent supramacist/Neo-Nazi riots. Basically, anything you can do to end this trend of extremist hate is detrimental. 


This poem orginated from a blend of two major influences: obviously the recent rioting (and unfortunate death) in Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as the song "Everything is Everything" by Ms. Lauryn Hill. In the chorus of this track, she states that "after winter, must come spring." It resonated with me, considering that life is a cycle of peaceful times and times of war. Right now, war feels like it's on the horizon on many fronts, and it feels like winter has come early. But it is in our ability whether we can bring on early spring. Snow melts, cold subsides, and the groundhog can be awakened. 


So, the people who desire social equality and justice are the majority; but as I write, a bit of a silent majoirty. So with this message and with this poem, I call you to stand up and exercise your rights for social justice. We have the power to end this terrorism like the Sun melts the snow. 


Thank you,


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