My Personal Saturday Lineup

August 15, 2017
By W-Murphy SILVER, Merced, California
W-Murphy SILVER, Merced, California
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I wake up. I’m excited! It is Saturday.
Most kids watch T.V. all the way until May.
That is not something my parents let me do.
Before I can eat any breakfast, I have to mop the entire house.
By then, my parents might subdue.

After breakfast is eaten,
I will probably wash the windows.
Hopefully my workload hours don’t equal more than ten.
The only thing that keeps me going is thinking of the allowance I will be paid tomorrow.

Noon time I might try to sneak in a few minutes of video games.
That effort became very fruitless.
Within seconds, I heard that my parents called my name.
Their labor laws are very ruthless.

After a few hours of chores and a very clean house,
I plopped myself onto the couch.
In seconds I was asleep; quiet as a mouse.
Then my three-year old brother decided to be a grouch.
Before I could stop him, he threw a tomato at the crystal clean wall.
I could almost hear the walls say OUCH!
And to think, I was about to go to the mall.

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