I Know Not

August 15, 2017
By Saba.AKQ BRONZE, Rawalpindi, Other
Saba.AKQ BRONZE, Rawalpindi, Other
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The quintessence of life in three words:
I sculptured, I worshiped, I broke it.

Eerily inexplicable existence this is

Where my body isn't my own

My soul, a resident of an invisible cosmos.

Still I breathe here, grow here

Fed by Mother Nature.


Amusingly miserable life this is

Where pain becomes my morphine,

Joy, a forerunner of yet more pain.


O what is this diffused echo

Trying to convey?

O what does it say

This blurred portrait?

O what on earth it reads

This burnt scripture?


You get an answer, no solution.

You get the light, no revelation.

You finish your sojourn here

Still don't find the Destination.


What a simply complicated mystery am I?

Aware of the joint

Where the smooth river

Merges into the rushing wide sea

Yet I know not the river's course.


Paradoxes may define me

Ambiguities may be the word

But then, can I say that for sure?

I Know Not.

The author's comments:

Some feelings, events, notions, phenomena in this universe are really inexplicable. There may be a word for them but in no way can these words and definitions justify them entirely.

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