The Meadow Is Diverse

August 15, 2017
By Aprilrose174 BRONZE, Springville, Indiana
Aprilrose174 BRONZE, Springville, Indiana
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The bluebird flew across the empty meadow
There was no other birds or even animals in sight
He was alone on a apple tree that was blooming
It was April and spring was showing its personality
The blue bird knew it was getting warm and trees were blooming
The bluebird felt alone so he started tweeting
That little bluebird just wanted a friend to tweet with

He waited and waited and no one came
The day turned to night and he just kept tweeting
When morning came he heard a distant noise
A bunny rabbit came hopping along
Hop goes the bunny rabbit hop hop hop
The rabbit was also looking for a friend
The rabbit and bird starting singing their song
Hop goes the bunny rabbit
Tweet goes the blue bird

They did that all night until the morning
The next morning they saw a bunch of butterflies
Flying in the flowers enjoying the Spring weather
All the animals made their noises in a song
Tweet goes the bluebird, hop goes the bunny rabbit
Swoosh goes the butterflies

The next morning came the rest of the little animals friends
Tweet goes all the bluebirds, hop hop all the bunny rabbits go
swoosh the butterflies fly
All the animals had found their families
Though all the animals had became family themselves
If someone is different then you it doesn't mean you can’t get along

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